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style experience

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Why virtual styling?

This 6-week styling journey is available to you from the comfort of your own home. Think convenience (no crowded stores, overwhelming options, or wasting your time and resources) meets customized-just-for-you luxury styling. 

Wardrobe editing and new looks are really only the beginning: this is styling as personal and powerful branding. Through multiple Zoom sessions—and with access to  me on demand —we’ll design a sartorial strategy that perfectly represents and promotes who you are as a person and as a personal brand. 

if you are... 


Embarking on a tour to launch your new book...


ready to market a new offering...


launch your new website...


Or maybe just ready to launch the new you...

this is for you

Do you want to step confidently onstage or onto your various social media platforms?

I’m here to help envision this possibility  & make it a reality. 

During these weeks together, you’ll learn not only what silhouettes best suit your body but what aesthetic might best suit (and sell) your brand, whether that’s a new business endeavor or just the version of yourself you want to step into the spotlight (or upcoming event). 

We’ll get down to the
who, what, why, and how:
who you want to be,
what that looks like,
why you’re making this change, &
how we’ll get there.  

Based on your vision and my expertise, you’ll conclude our styling sessions looking polished, feeling prioritized, empowered, and authentically you. You’ll also walk away with some very special surprise gifts and perks from me—you’ll be pampered from start to finish, even though we might be miles apart.

What will our time together look like? 

Your virtual tour de chic begins! Take a moment to acknowledge this strategic step you’re taking to prioritize yourself and boost your personal brand.

To start, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet, complete your Client Agreement, Personal Digital Questionnaire, and finalize your payment plan.


Let's dive in!

Week one


We'll also set up,  KRISTIE - ON - CALL , your on-demand access to me throughout our weeks together.

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

I'm baby farm-to-table sartorial helvetica, migas marfa paleo chambray normcore 8-bit bushwick roof party truffaut banjo actually. YOLO health goth jean shorts forage farm-to-table flannel. Brooklyn hexagon biodiesel af, man bun literally salvia live-edge fixie cornhole freegan. 

- monique, model



We hit the ground running!

We’ll take body measurements, and you’ll receive a digital guide with a highly visual, easy to follow, and in-depth fit analysis: tips on garment cuts, necklines, hemlines, and proportions to guide you through shopping for your shape.

We’ll collaborate on editing items one-by-one from your current closet, working together to determine what fits, what might need alterations, or what can be donated or consigned.   

The result?
 A wardrobe you love that represents the best, and truest, version of yourself.

A major perk of signing up with me: you’re granted access to your very own personal digital style app, a wardrobe inventory that will store and categorize photos of your clothing (meaning everything down to your shoes and jewelry will be organized by item and even color).

This innovative app will be yours to use forever! You’ll be able to view your closet and styled lookbooks for as long as you’d like. A lifetime subscription like this is priceless. 

week TWO

This will be available for viewing 24/7.


I’ll create a digital personalized inspiration board reflecting how you want to be perceived, developing your wardrobe aesthetic so that it matches your personality, values, energy, needs, and goals.

Through this call, we’ll make sure we are speaking the same visual language. Getting ourselves on the same style page allows me to hone in on just the right looks for your upcoming Shopbook experience.


Charting the course of a new style direction!

4 Pillars to Thrive in Style






At this time, you’ll be presented with your completely customized Shopbook, with 100+ suggested items based on your preselected budget as well as crucial factors like your body shape, aesthetic, and your branding goals. This is all organized by category, for easy online a la carte shopping. 

You’ll be able to pick and choose the pieces you love, and from there, I’ll order the items and add them to your digital closet. 

 My 15+ years of building strong designer and brand relationships means major perks for you! Purchasing the wardrobe of your dreams through me means 10-70% discounts on contemporary and designer brands you won’t find anywhere else. 

CLICK HERE to see our list of partnerships available to you that offer an array of discounts, free shipping and more!


 Now that we have all the items we love and have decided to keep, we’ll use this time to style 10 head-to-toe outfits based on your upcoming schedule, whether it’s for a book tour, media kit, or family vacation. Outfits will be styled incorporating your newly purchased Shopbook finds and your existing closet—new and old blended seamlessly together!

We’ll revisit important elements like brand archetype, the power of color, and I’ll let you in on a wealth of styling tips and tricks—and even a few industry secrets! 

You’ll receive a delicious, fully-customized and catered array of hors d’oeuvres to enjoy in the comfort of your own home during our Zoom styling session paired with a fabulous glass of wine, champagne, or a mocktail. Tres chic! 





We’ve had a blast trying on all the new looks that have arrived at your doorstep (past clients have said that it feels like Christmas morning having so many packages filled with goodies to open!) and sharing a toast as we Zoom, but my offerings don’t end there!

Following our styling session, you’ll receive 30 head-to-toe styled outfits    within a chic digital lookbook. Outfits are styled using purchased items from your Shopbook as well as existing items from your home closet for all your upcoming engagements for the year.

But it doesn’t really end there….

to learn more about what comes next, i.e. now that your a vip -- you get access to all the perks through my VIP clients only portal!

Et voila!


Our time together is highly dedicated, curated, and extremely high-touch, despite being 100% digital. My clients are my greatest passion and priority, and as such, I dive in completely, thoughtfully tailoring looks with not just your measurements in mind but your mission. Hours are put into not just our sessions together but in planning, preparation, and customizing your wardrobe based on your unique style and individual needs.

These 6 weeks emphasize more than just the best-dressed you, more than just complementary colors (which is an art and science in and of itself)—we go further. This is a deep dive to discover how to create an aesthetic that tells the story you want to share and how to cultivate the audience you deserve. I achieve this through my years of experience, relationship-building, and deep understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs like you (I’m one too!).

CLICK HERE to hear about past client success stories and see what we’ll be able to accomplish together!

As this is a highly personalized experience, a short application is required for consideration. 

My personalized styling is so thorough my clients never hire me again… but, they become dear friends and consistently refer to me.

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"It’s never too late to rewrite your future, rebuild your business, or reignite your dreams."


  • kristie-on-call support throughout our time together

  • 3 Zoom sessions (including measurements + a closet cleanout, collaborative style fitting, and outfit styling)

  • Body Shape Analysis Guide

  • 24/7 access to your own personal style app: featuring your own digital closet + lookbook (truly a forever perk)

  • 3 shopbooks: a highly curated and directly shoppable online catalog created just for you, with items heavily discounted + assistance with returns 

  • a digital lookbook (including 30 head-to-toe, fully styled looks) located on your personalized style app for 24/7 viewing

  • VIP access following our work together with lots of perks, discounts, events and more 



  • While the price of clothing and accessories purchased during our work together are not included in your investment, 

  • my over 15 years of experience in the industry mean I’ve developed strong brand relationships over the years. And you get the benefit of these friendships, meaning discounts of anywhere from 10 to 70% on clothing purchased through your Shopbook! 

  • This is a perk you truly can’t get anywhere else.